Solar ReStore Panel

ADD-ON Solar Panel Extension for Solar ReStore Charger - Black
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Twice as Fast

When connected with your ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore, this Add-On Panel will increase the charge rate to DOUBLE the normal charge time. Less time spent charging up your external battery pack means more time spent using it to charge and enjoy your devices.

Twice the Solar Charge

When you connect this Add-On Panel to your Solar ReStore, you fully unlock its solar charging capabilities! Using only the power of the sun, you can charge the Solar ReStore to its maximum capacity in 6.5 hours. That means you can charge it in less time than the average work day!

Infinite Possibilities

Unlock the capabilities of your Solar ReStore via the Add-On Panel to charge your devices in less time, all while on the go. Worry less when you’re away from an electrical outlet! Use the Add-On Panel to quickly charge up your Solar ReStore and charge devices like your smartphones or Ereaders while you’re camping, traveling, and more!


ReVIVE Solar ReStore Charger and External Battery Pack

NOTICE: The Add-On Solar Panel is meant to be used exclusively WITH the Solar ReStore. It cannot charge devices by itself.


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