ReStore VTL

2000mAh Power Bank , Emergency Flashlight & Radio with 1A USB Port & Hand Crank
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USB Battery Power Bank

The ReStore VTL is the perfect source for power when you are away from an outlet! Be prepared for emergency situations with this 2000mAh power bank. Charge your USB rechargeable devices using the internal battery or hand crank. The VTL fully charges in 4 hours by USB and in 8 hours by hand crank. The LED indicator light will glow red while the VTL is charging.

FM Radio

The VTL is equipped with an FM radio that allows you to tune in to emergency broadcasts and even listen to music on the go. There is also a 3.5mm audio out port so you can plug in headphones or speakers. With a full charge, the VTL will provide you with 16 hours of FM radio or 45 minutes of audio by using the hand crank for only 3 minutes.

LED Flashlight

With the LED flashlight feature, you will always have access to light. Fully charged, the VTL will output up to 20 hours of light. In an emergency, 3 minutes of hand cranking will provide you with an hour of brightness. This 3-in-1 device is very portable with it's pocket sized design and built in wrist strap.


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